Product description

The steel cage roll welder can automatically handle the pile cage 15m-27m. According to the construction requirements, the transverse steel bars are inserted into the sleeves fixed on the rotating disc, and the longitudinal round wires are taken and welded to a transverse reinforcing bar.


1. The steel cage rolling welder has high automation degree and wide application range. It has adjustable steel cage diameter, adjustable main reinforcement number, adjustable hoop distance and adjustable motor speed. 

2. The whole machine adopts advanced modular planning thinking, which can be conveniently disassembled and assembled, with friendly control interface, simple and convenient operation, and convenient transportation. 

3, key parts, using high standard production specifications, reduce equipment failure rate, reduce operating costs. 

4. The steel cage rolling welder has strong adaptability to the site, and can be reasonably placed according to the size of the site and the length of the steel cage.