Automatic steel bending machine mainly includes CNC steel bending machine, CNC steel bending center, CNC steel bending hoop machine, etc.

   The steel bending machine belongs to an improvement of the structure of the steel bending machine. The utility model comprises a reducer, a large gear, a pinion gear and a curved disk surface, and is characterized in that: the double-stage brake motor and the reducer are directly connected for one-stage deceleration; the pinion gear and the large gear mesh are engaged for two-stage deceleration; the large gear The curved disk surface is always driven to rotate; the central surface of the curved disk surface is provided with a plurality of bending shaft holes; and the positioning square bars of the working surface are respectively provided with a plurality of positioning axial holes. Since the two-stage brake motor and the reducer are directly connected for one-stage deceleration, the input and output revolution ratios are accurate, the bending speed is stable and accurate, and the electric automatic control can be used to change the speed, and the brake can ensure the bending angle. The steel bar is bi-directionally bent by the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. The center shaft is replaceable for easy maintenance. Intelligent control can be used.